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by owner, Hal R. Newsom

These are the two most commonly asked questions from my customers:
1. What is a wallaby?
A wallaby is usually known as the "miniature kangaroo".
2. Why have one as a pet?
They are cute and cuddly like a puppy but they don't bark or dig!

Now that your curiosity is stirred, let me tell you a little bit about the business that I'm in.  I have been working with all kinds of wildlife for over 40 years and have been breeding and raising wallabies for over 10 years.  My breeding herd at times totals over 40 females along with several pure albinos.  I raise the Bennets wallaby because they are the larger and calmer of the species.  They do most of their grazing in the late evening but are not as nocturnal as the other wallabies.  Therefore, you have a pet to keep you company during the day.  I am state and federally licensed with a high success rate in placing joeys with new owners.  All joeys come with a guarantee of health and helpful support information after the sale.

General information:  Wallabies live between 12 and 15 years, weigh from 35 to 40 pounds, and reach about 2 1/2 feet (knee high) at full growth.  They eat raw fruits and vegetables, grass, wheat bread, and a formulated wallaby food that supplies all needed vitamins and nutrition.  Bottle raised wallabies will stay within a 4 to 5 foot fenced yard as long as they have enough room to "run" and hide if they feel threatened.  They love the outdoors and can take cold weather if they have shelter.  Some owners prefer to have a house pet and I have had many underfoot myself from time to time.  They can be paper trained, but any accidents are easily cleaned as they drop small pellets as stool.

This is just a brief description on the joy of owning a wallaby.  If you have any questions regarding having a wallaby as a pet please contact us!

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