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The Beginning:  The joeys are taken from the mother's pouch at 6 months of age when they are fully developed and have fine layer of fur.  The new owner my elect to bottle break their new joey or we can do this for an extra charge.  Bottle breaking a joey to a man-made nipple and new milk can be very trying, but with a little patience this will create a bond that will last a lifetime.  During this time, the joey learns your heartbeat, smell and sound of your voice.  This is what we call "bonding".  The first month will be full of surprises as your joey learns his new surroundings and you learn about his own individual personality.

Be ready - wallabies love to cuddle.  They will follow you everywhere, be underfoot if you let them, and be in  your lap whenever you sit down.

The sale:  On the day of the sale we will go over all instructions with the new owner and answer questions to insure a smooth transition.  We show the feeding procedures, how the bedding is set up and how to handle the joey.  We can also provide you with ordering information on several books concerning the care and raising of wallabies that we highly recommend.

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